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Disneyland Paris: marks out of ten from a six-year-old

Statistics can tell us all sorts of things. They can be very complicated. Or they can be simple. But they are best when presented in the raw. So, here, uneditorialised, unedited, in a no-holds-barred list kinda format, are one six-year-old’s marks out of ten for everything-she-could-fit-into-one-weekend-at-Disneyland-Paris. I’ll warn you now, her scoring can be erratic, […]

Aftertaste of Europe

Whether you’re into German rieslings or Spanish bubbly, there are some great day-trips for wine lovers, writes Donald Strachan. Alsace, France The lowdown: The place names sound German, the wine bottles look German, the local dialect, Elsassisch, has a definite Germanic twang to it. But this is France, and the wines are distinctively French. Highlights […]

It’s not all plain saline

For me, Brittany will always be the place where, aged nine and a half, I had my first taste of foreign food. Just hearing the name conjures up a crowded campsite, queues for the showers, the staccato drone of rain battering canvas and my dad reversing our new Citroen into a bollard at Portsmouth harbour. […]