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How to do Florence for free

If you love Renaissance art, a trip to the Uffizi is a no-brainer. In no other world museum is time so tangible. Walking from room to room, you’ll see painting transform itself from the Gothic of Andrea Orcagna and Lorenzo Monaco through the High Renaissance of Botticelli and Michelangelo to the 16th-century Mannerism of Pontormo […]

Travel podcasts, Tuscany, and my N95

A short roundup of some bits and pieces that have run while I’ve been away in Italy. Not downloaded a travel podcast yet? Then perhaps it’s time you did – choice and quality have increased massively over the past few years and the best of them are very useful indeed, not to mention free. The […]

Holiday flash sales: for a limited period only

First there was Flashdance, then there were flash mobs, now there are flash sales, where goods are offered at massive discounts for a limited period. The concept began in the high-street stores in an effort to galvanise consumer spending, but it lends itself perfectly to travel, too, and companies are starting to offer their own […]

A budget travel guide to Tuscany

So, you’re heading to the eurozone with sterling at a historic low; to Italy, where inflation is at a 12-year high; and to the country’s priciest region. Are you in for a cashflow nightmare? Not necessarily. Booking value summer accommodation for families can be tricky