I am primarily a travel journalist, and have written about travel for most of the major UK broadsheets, as well as leading travel magazines such as National Geographic Traveller and Sunday Times Travel Magazine, and international newspapers like the Sydney Morning Herald. (Here are some 2012 Guardian features, for example.) I’m also a columnist for the UK’s Telegraph on consumer travel technology and for Journeys magazine on travel gear.

In addition, I have written for respected sites like CNN.comTumblr,  Frommers.com and Perceptive Travel, and for customer magazines published by brands including Brussels AirlinesSingapore Airlines, and Summit Hotels.

My specialisms include Italy, especially Tuscany and the Northtravel technology and the Web, family travel, art and heritage travel, wine and beer tourism, England, Wales, and the Alps.

Scroll down for links to a selection of my recently published pieces.

Four freelancing rules I follow:

1. I don’t fly anymore, ever.

2. I don’t do press trips.

3. I won’t write for profit-making outlets for free, or in return for “exposure,” so please don’t ask.

4. There are publications I won’t write for no matter what I’m offered, most importantly the S*n. Sorry.

(Actually, on that final rule, I’m not sorry.)

I’ve been writing on the Web for many years, and first blogged on behalf of a travel company (a now-disappeared villa rental agent) in 2009.


A selection of recently published journalism

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“Take Me There: Umbria,” Sunday Times Travel Magazine, July 2013

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“Rome, with nothing but a smartphone,” part 1, 2, 3, National Geographic Traveller, May 2013

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