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Can I tether with my prepaid Italian SIM card?

The answer, in short: It depends. Tethering—using your smartphone as a mobile hotspot for surfing the web on other gadgets, including tablets and laptops—is fairly straightforward on Android, iOS or Windows Phone devices. However, most smartphone prepaid or pay-as-you-go bundles in Italy do not allow you to use the tethering capabilities of your phone. The […]

Free entry to Italian state museums extended

Major news for non-EU families visiting Italy this summer: if you are museum hounds, the Italian government has just saved you a packet. Until now, free museum and cultural site admission for under 18s only applied to EU citizens—bad luck if you were visiting from the USA, the Far East, or Australasia. A ministerial decree […]

The latest 3G data and voice plans for using your smartphone in Italy

There’s always a new deal in Italy, and prepaid phone plans change all the time. So, it’s time to update the details on my step-by-step guide to buying a smartphone SIM and pay-as-you-go plan in Italy. The how-to instructions remain the same (see that previous post for easy-to-follow instructions): it’s simple to get connected in Italy, and […]

Where Not to Stay in Florence

The world, and especially the Web, is overflowing with advice about the best places to stay. “Where to stay” is pretty much the raison d’être of the guidebook and the weekend travel supplement. But “where should I stay” isn’t always my question. Sometimes my actual question is: “Where shouldn’t I stay?” Why? Sometimes it’s because I […]