Roaming with your smartphone in the UK, USA, Australia or Canada

Last week, the European Commission announced its intention to do away with roaming charges for travel within the EU sometime in 2014. This is a good thing, obviously. But it doesn’t help much (or at all) if you are travelling beyond the EU. And it doesn’t help anyone coming to the EU from Australia, Canada or the USA. That’s a lot of travellers paying far too much to use their phones overseas. And data? Forget it.

Which is where our eBook series, The Smart Phone Traveler’s Guide to…, comes in.Smart Phone Traveler's Guide to the UK

And the good news is that another title has been published this week: The Smart Phone Traveler’s Guide to the UK. For just $2.99, you can find out:

  • where to get a free UK SIM for using in your phone
  • which prepaid tariffs offer the cheapest calls home, from as little as 2p per minute
  • which prepaid data tariffs to buy if you want to use your smartphone a lot
  • what to do if you don’t own an unlocked phone

… and a whole lot more, in 37 pages packed with freshly-researched advice. There’s no sitting on the fence: the eBook is packed with solid advice and highlights the deals available to travellers on every major UK network. It uses the Kindle format, so you can view it on any Kindle device or using the Kindle app for pretty much any smartphone or tablet.

Other recent titles in the series include:


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